The Story of Me and My Shop



I'm Jules Apollo and this is my little shop for kindred spirits - we have hearts spilling over with love and big dreams and exuberant joy and want to share it in ways that feel safe and warm and filled with wondrous ease. 
Why did I create this? 
This whole thing started because I was looking for a sweatshirt with a quote from Jane Austen (because I love her) and couldn't find what I wanted. I like to wear clothes that speak to who I am. 
I always secretly wanted an enchanting shop, a beguiling boutique, where everywhere you look there's something intriguing, something you want because it feels like you.  
I want what you find here to feel like
an easy walk in a peaceful park, 
laughing with your best friend,
a warm hug on a cool night. 
I created everything here to help you fill your life with inspiration and beauty (as well as magic and power). 
You can create a magical life if you use your intention. You can create rituals to remember your power, gifts and big heart.
And yes, you can make your dreams come true. 
It's easy to use these products as talismans, your intention being the special sauce to create a life you love, sharing your gifts and strengths with in ways that feel true to you. 
What You'll Find Here 
So let's power up your starlight, baby. It's time to shine. 
Now go find something you love