How to Have a Magical Life

I always wanted a magical life - ever since I was a little girl in a small town in Iowa. I just couldn't believe what I saw around me was all there was to life. 
So I studied and played around and found that it's actually easy to begin using your powers to create what you want.
Here's one way to start:
  • Decide what you want to create - let's say you need to magically manifest some money in the next few days.
  • Take a coffee cup (like this one).
  • Make your coffee or tea and fill up the cup. 
  • State your intention - (your intention is what you want, but it's tapping into your natural power and light, as the embodied light that you are, even if you've forgotten). Here's an example: I intend to receive the money I need in myriad, magical ways throughout my days. I'm open, ready and willing to receive with ease and grace, and I'm grateful for it. 
  • Drink up, thinking about how you'll feel when you have it (and think of it as if 'of course you always have more than you need to do everything you want' - not as if it's something out of the ordinary. This is what I call 'being the Queen Me'). 
  • The feeling of it - with as many details and senses as possible is the magic.
  • During your day, whenever your inner critics start to guffaw at your attempts to change your life, reject their rudeness and repeat the phrase from your cup or shirt - whatever you've picked to use as your talisman.  I made the mugs with little statements/rhymes I use that are easy to repeat and drown out those limiting thoughts. 
  • Rinse and repeat - keep doing this - each time you feel what you want (using your energy and light) while using an item (your talisman) this creates a ritual resonance that get stronger every time - so your morning coffee becomes rocket fuel for your dreams.

Pretty cool! 

Want to make it even stronger?

  • Call in your spirit guides (even if you don't sense them or know their names - we all have many many guides just hanging around ready to help - so give them something to do!). 
  • Keep sensing how you'll feel (see, taste, smell, hear) and what you'll do once you got what you want (without worrying about how it's going to happen). Be your 'Queen Me' and assume it's already on its way.
  • Let go and be grateful for the blessings around you already. The more you can be filled with ease and joy (what yummy energies those are!) the better all this works. 

Get all up in your magic and have some fun with it. 

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